How to Get Free Hosting with cpanel

How to Get Free Hosting with Cpanel

Welcome dear visitor I am back again with an amazing article. Well if you are a beginner you will probably search on google how to get free web hosting the question is why? I will give you the answer of this question most of the beginner doesn’t want to invest their money in hosting service they want to do practice on their own server, for example, Xamp or they borrow a Cpanel from a friend but these type of alternative are not permanent and of course not secure also.

Then what will you do if these ways are not working or you feel less secure using these alternatives? That’s, why hostedfire gives you the best free hosting experience, comes with the latest Control panel called Cpanel you will get softaculous and one-click WordPress install amazing right.

Hosted Fire Free Hosting with cpanel

Let’s dig in and explain how you will get free hosting with Cpanel first you have to visit or Click Here

After you land on free web hosting page scroll down a little bit you will see Free package and paid one starting from 0.41$ ignore the paid plan and click on the order now.


Free web hosting

Now¬† Hostedfire will redirect you to Domains Page on which you can order a new domain or use your own domain name but if you don’t have any domain name and don’t want to order a new one as well then you can use Subdomain from hosted fire as shown in the Screenshot.

You are done with a subdomain now its time to put details in the checkout of hosted fir “free hosting with cpanel package” After click on the check button of subdomain feature you hosted fire will redirect you to another page now you see that your bill is 0.00$ .

Your Bill is 0.00$

Now its time to click on the checkout and put your name, email contact details and create a strong password in the payment section choose any of them this is for later if you like hostedfire services and want to upgrade your plan to paid plan.

After you submit your order you will receive your order details in the email this detail is not the account information this will be your order details, for example, your free hosting details email and contact address or hostedfire will send you email and tell you that we receive your order details.

Please read all emails from hosted fire if you didn’t receive an email from company check you spam folder after you receive all emails then its time to verify your email look in your inbox you will see an email with the name of verify your email.

After you verify your email hosted fire will accept your order and you will see Account information email in your inbox in a matter of minutes.

hurray that’s it now you can use free hosting with Cpanel and install different script with only one click with the help of most popular software Softaculous.

If you don’t know how to use Cpanel or how to install different scripts/cms in one click please follow this article How to install wordpress on one click using Cpanel.

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