Multi level resellers | Cpanel,Master and Alpha Reseller 2022 Guide

Master reseller and alpha reseller multi level reseller hosting

we all know the purpose of reseller hosting but only few knows about masterĀ  and alpha reseller hosting though it is very powerful hosting features if you are interested in selling hosting to your clients.

Reseller levels

when it comes to reseller levels there are 3 types of reseller. it includes cpanel reseller which is simple reseller by using it you can only resell cpanel accounts.

Master reseller is upgrade level of cpanel reseller with few extra features such as selling whm and cpanel accounts. it means you will be able to resell cpanel and whm account. In easy way your customer can also sell your hosting so your website will have reseller hosting page aswell.

Alpha reseller is upgrade level and powerful among cPanel and master reseller. It is bit expensive if we compare it with cpanel reseller and master reseller. reason behind it is you can resell cpanel reseller accounts, Whm accounts and plus Master reseller accounts which means you can generate extra sales by reselling master reseller accounts,cpanel and whm accounts.

Cpanel Reseller

Cpanel reseller account which is know as reseller hosting many companies are providing it. by buying reseller hosting you can resell cpanel accounts but some companies have imposed limit on cpanel account but hostedfire packages are unlimited and you can sell unlimited cpanel accounts with no limit.

There are few types of limits companies are imposing on there reseller and hosting packages, such as disk space limit, badwidth limits and the one which is common cpanel account limit.

By using hostedfire reseller hosting you will be able to reseller cpanel accounts without any limits plus you will get unlimited disk space with pure ssd and nvme storage of your choice with unlimited bandwidth so you will not face any issue related to space, accounts and bandwidth.

Master reseller hosting

Master reseller hosting is one step better than reseller hosting in every aspect such as features. In this hosting you can get the ability to create cpanel and reseller accounts which can lead you to generate extra income with one reseller package.

Alpha Reseller Hosting

Alpha reseller hosting is super advance reseller hosting. by buying this reseller hosting you will get the ability to create unlimited cpanel accounts, reseller accounts and master reseller accounts. Now you will understand how powerful is alpha reseller hosting.


All multi level reseller hosting is generated by the plugin called whmresellerv5. It is leading plugin in the webhosting industry and you will get all the feature of this plugin for free.